Beach Ready?: Sexy Hair

Today is the first day of June already, and it is also Friday! The perfect mix for a great start to your weekend. Time to get to the beach! Who’s ready? So I already shared my tips on the beach tan, beach bod, and now I want to talk a bit about that beach hair!

Long wavy hair is SO sexy and at the beach, it is OK if it is a bit messy so it is not difficult to get it looking the way you want. Wavy hair is just one look though.

Fish tail braids are fun and original looking, and my favorite part it that when the wind blows you don’t get hair in your face.

After the sun begins to set, braiding your hair to the side is a quick and easy way to dress up that sexy beach hair before you go out to dinner.

But when I can’t get to the beach and I still want the look, I use the Beach Babe products shown below. They work incredibly well, are affordable, and they even come is adorable bottles so you go in style anywhere =)

Try ’em out! Have a great weekend Beach Babes!


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