Honey Honey!


I truly believe that it is impossible for anyone to understand what it would be like to become the opposite of their American natural self, until they have the chance to get to another country!

I have been to London, Amsterdam, Bosnia, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Greece, and I will forever dream of the lives that are lead there. I believe with my whole heart that the value in really enjoying your life is far more important overseas than it is in America.

America is my home and it always will be, I feel more grounded and responsible at home. I know what my responsibilities are, and when I can play and when I have to work.

In Europe there is not so much concern about a time and place or a strict schedule. All the time you are given in a day is used the way that is happens.

For example: If you make plans to meet with someone in Greece at 8AM, do not actually expect them to show up until 10AM. The value of beauty is far more important than having a business meeting, so if it is a beautiful morning perhaps they will stop for breakfast, or go for a swim, before they continue their day.

I love and admire the peace and tranquility that seems to reside in the lives of the world outside of the USA. I want so much to be a part of that lifestyle! Sometimes I think I should have been born Italian!

Lets be European for a day =) Stop to smell the roses, take your time, and indulge in your most cherished pleasures, and lets see what happens to the world around us.


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