Satisfaction Guarantee

Like the female characters shown above, Independence in a woman is a powerful thing. You know those sad and horrible feelings of loneliness, depression, and little self worth; well they are non-existent in the life of a woman that is in charge of her own happiness.

There are stories I could tell of times where no matter what was told to me, or what I experienced, I did not think women like this were real. How can you not be affected by the world around you? That was before my personal goals formed.

When we are little girls we are often the most sure of ourselves then we may ever be again. As a child you are certain of what you believe and NOTHING can change that, not a boy, not peer pressure, not a harmful substance, not anything. To hold onto that is about as difficult as holding water in your hands, eventually it all slips away as the world around us engulfs our thought process, our practices, and the places we wanted to go no longer seem realistic.

I used to spend a  lot of time writing in my journal. It was the most exhilarating thing I could do, because I could say whatever I wanted and separate my thoughts all the while never having to be embarrassed at what the world thought. No one could take that away from me. As I got older though, my journal got left behind more and more.

Now I push myself to publish everything I write, because it cannot be erased, it has to be shared, and because it teaches me to always be honest and never ashamed.

I think that is what it takes to be a truly independent woman, the envy of the female population! To be sure of yourself and responsible for your own happiness. It is a sure guarantee to satisfaction.

By establishing NO and spending enough time alone to become comfortable with yourself.

Besides, being independent is an irresistible quality to men.


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