Beach Ready?: The Work Out

Everyone seems to have the same story…’I tried everything, but when I stumbled upon this diet, or that workout, everything changed!’

Well here is mine =) I am passing on this workout from ‘Tone It Up’, which is the weight loss program that I am currently following. And, yes, it has been my best friend.

I know some people are born with amazing genetics and simply never have to work hard to look great and be thin. But for those of us who do have to work at it, exercise is key! I certainly need to watch what I eat too, but the results do not really begin to show up until I start work my booty!

So with that all said and done. Here is my custom workout plan for your disposal!:

  •                   Morning – Eat protein! I have 1 egg and coffee
  •                   Afternoon – Run! I run 2 miles at any pace I am comfortable with, then 50 crunches and 60 second plank.
  •                   Evening – Smaller portion of whatever I decide to eat.

Every other day, instead of running 2 miles, I do 2 workouts from the Beach Babe DVD.

You can find this at www.

So there you have it! And don’t forget, you can’t reach your goals unless you go for them!


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