Beach Ready?: Self Tan

Is is time for me to enjoy what I got, and I am going to do just that – Smiling all the way! We are all beautiful women, be proud of what you got!


It’s May 21st, already, and in my opinion summer is practically here! The sun rises higher in the sky beating down warm rays, so beach bums such as myself can suck it all up by the lake. I haven’t ventured out in my bikini yet this year, but with Memorial Day Weekend just a few days away, I know it is coming! I am excited to get in the water, but at the same time I would prefer to be ready. By this I mean, I want to feel like I look great in my bikini, and maybe a bit sexy =)

Aside from my workout routine this month, pale skin is the problem that needs to be tackled! Minnesota winters sure do take the sunlight right out of your skin! So it is crunch time to get that glow back, to avoid blinding the beach when the towel comes off!

So what is my quickie tan tip? I am not a fan of spending a fortune on tanning booths, and besides the money, they really are not that healthy for you, in my opinion. Also, it takes TIME to build up a great glow from the salon. Self tanning wipes are my savior when I need a last minute glow, and this week I am working on three layers so come the weekend I am ready to go!

They work better than any other self tanner I have ever used, and were recommended to me by my tennis shop =)

See you on the beach, Babes!



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